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Redirecting Lives &
Our Community

In 2014, the Austin Empowerment Coalition (AEC) was formed as a 501c3 in Chicago's Austin community. We provide services that meet the unique needs of children and their families in one Chicago's most under-resourced communities. Our goal is to positively impact lives and the community in four strategic areas:


  • Tutoring/Mentoring – AEC staff and volunteer adult mentors provide after-school mentoring, tutoring and life skills development for youth, ages 12 to 19 years.


  • Violence Prevention - Youth (ages 12-16) receive group and one-on-one mentoring, conflict resolution, leadership training; including the tools to help reduce gun violence and other violent crimes plaguing our community. 


  • Health & Wellness – Adults, seniors and youth have access to age appropriate physical activity and classes on the benefits of healthy life style choices. We believe that good health starts with making the right food choices and engaging in a more active life. 


  • Career Development Business Center - Community residents are exposed to job readiness training, mock job interviews, access to technology and education; including mentoring on career choices, employment searches, resume development and job retention.


The Austin Empowerment Coalition is investing in our families to meet the many challenges of today’s urban environment. We are determined to make a brighter future for Austin residents through services that make a positive impact on their safety, health, education and their ability to achieve a stronger financial future.


Helping Families Succeed

& Our Community Thrive!

Inspiring Our Community to Make Positive Decisions for Healthy & Successful Lives
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