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Academic Excellence, Life Enrichment & Violence Prevention

Austin youth benefit from program partners, staff and adult mentors to help them identify, develop and utilize their own internal and external strengths. AEC programs help to reverse social and emotional barriers to success that youth often experience. To that end, adult mentors provide homework assistance, academic enrichment, technology exploration, recreation/physical activity, skill development and safety/supervision after-school. Ongoing activities  include:  


  • Literacy and Mathematics

  • Creative Writing

  • Financial Literacy

  • Science and Technology

  • Anit-bullying/Conflict Resolution


Health & Wellness

To meet the ongoing obesity crisis and growning health issues for youth and adults; Austin residents have access to classes in health, fitness and wellness education. Age appropriate instruction will assess individual health challenges and provide the tools to help them make healthier eating choices; including personalized exercise goals/options. Volunteer specialists in nutrician and exercise help track and movtivate youth and adults to reach their personal fitness/wellness goals.


Career Development Business Center & Financial Literacy

Austin residents have access to technology classes and job development skills. Though our highly skilled staff/mentors and program partners - residents create career goals, perform employment searches, resume development and participate in mock job interviews. Adult mentors help youth and adults focus on job retention and identify training/education gaps to maximize earning potention. In addition, youth and adults have access to financial literacy classes to improve credit scores, banking practices, budgeting and other money menagement skills.

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What your donation will do...


$25 will provide after-school healthy snacks for a week (2-3 sessions) for a child.


$50 will cover the monthly costs of tutoring materials anc testing for each child.


$100 will allow each child to enjoy 1 field trip every 90 days.


$250 will provide a 6month scholarship for a child.


$20 monthly will provide 3 field trips per school year to museums and art/cultural events.


$40 monthly will help purchase lap-tops and other technology based equipment to increase academic achievement and employment readiness.

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